Moving Preparations

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Moving Preparations

Tips for an Organized and Stress-Free Relocation

We’ll cover the basics of long-distance moving preparations. It will help you prepare a checklist of things to do so that you approach your relocation with organized confidence.

Protection for your Possessions

When you’re moving long-distance, safeguarding your personal belongings is crucial. At American Red Ball, we understand the value of your possessions, both sentimentally and intrinsically. We offer two protection options for your goods during the move:

Option 1 – Full Replacement Valuation provides the most comprehensive valuation coverage available.

This comprehensive coverage ensures the highest level of protection. You’ll need to disclose the total value of your shipment and select a deductible of $0, $250, or $500.

Option 2 – Release Rate Valuation is the most economical option available, but it offers the least protection.

If your goods have a lower replacement value, this economical option can be considered. Under this plan, your mover’s liability is limited to 60 cents per pound per article.

Don’t forget to ask your American Red Ball salesperson for a copy of our Valuation Plans brochure to get complete details on both options.

For complete details ask your American Red Ball salesperson to provide you with a copy of American Red Ball’s Valuation Plans brochure.

Commonly Forgotten Moving Tasks?

With all the details to remember during the move process, it’s not surprising that some things do not get done simply because they have been forgotten. Here’s a short list of commonly forgotten tasks.

  • Children and Pets – Remember to plan for the special needs of your children and pets during the move. Check our section on children, pets, and plants for helpful tips.
  • Out of Site, Out of Mind – Don’t overlook safe deposit boxes, gym lockers, and items stored with relatives. Ensure everything is accounted for before the move.
  • Lag Time – Schedule a pre-move visit to your new home, open a safe deposit box, and establish new bank accounts for a smooth financial transition.
  • Attics, Sheds, Crawlspaces, Commercial Storage – Pack items from these spaces and prepare them appropriately for the move.
  • Cleaning and Repair – Retrieve any items left at the cleaner, tailor, or upholsterer before the move.
  • Paperwork – Keep important documents related to the move and your new home with you throughout the relocation.
  • Personal Identity – Ensure you have essential identification documents like your social security card, passport, credit cards, etc. Keep them with you at all times, not packed away.
  • Hazardous Materials – Review our list of prohibited items to properly dispose of hazardous materials before your move.
  • Security – Facilitate a smooth transfer of security items, such as alarm codes, garage door openers, and keys, to the new owners of your current home. Don’t forget to ask the previous owners of your new home to do the same for you.

With proper knowledge and preparation, your move can be a breeze. Follow these tips and create a checklist to stay organized and confident throughout the moving process. American Red Ball is here to assist you every step of the way, providing the best protection for your possessions during your long-distance move. Let’s make your relocation a successful and stress-free experience.

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