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"Shaping Lives Since 1919! With our legendary "Red Carpet Moving Service," American Red Ball takes pride in 90+ years of honoring customers with respect and integrity. Trust us for a superior long-distance move, delivered with a warm smile!

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American Red Ball was established by Ward B. Hiner in 1919

Red Ball Worldwide in The Early Years

In the early 1900s, Ward B. Hiner faced adversity and hardship; nevertheless, he emerged as a determined entrepreneur. Moreover, upon relocating to Indianapolis, he found substantial success selling insurance. Subsequently, he ingeniously conceived a unique cargo coverage policy for livestock shippers. This marked the inception of Red Ball Transit Company. Furthermore, it became the very first interstate household mover in America.

Fast forward to 1920, Hiner's innovative and groundbreaking weatherproof moving service garnered significant attention. This happened when a caravan of fully loaded vans embarked on a two-week journey to New York City. As a result, it generated immense publicity. Consequently, his business expanded exponentially. This prompted him to venture into manufacturing his own trucks. However, despite his enthusiasm, this operation was ultimately deemed impractical.

Red Ball Worldwide Mid-Century Success

Moving into the 1960s, Red Ball International came into existence. This move allowed them to offer overseas door-to-door container service. Interestingly, during the Vietnam War, American Red Ball actively and passionately participated in Operation Entertainment. They did so by providing invaluable support to the troops through special variety shows.

The 1980s ushered in notable changes in ownership. Nevertheless, the company adeptly and skillfully adapted to the deregulated trucking industry. Furthermore, with the advent of computers and the internet, American Red Ball eagerly embraced technology. This strategic move made them more efficient and customer-focused.

Red Ball Worldwide Today

Throughout its storied and illustrious history, American Red Ball has unwaveringly upheld its enduring commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. From its modest beginnings to the dawn of the new millennium, the company has continually evolved and thrived. This journey faithfully preserves the founder's visionary spirit. Additionally, they've consistently provided exceptional moving services to its customers. In a significant and notable development, American Red Ball became a part of the Interstate Family of Companies in 2017.

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  • Digital inventory and GPS tracking systems

  • Locations in Springfield and Dulles, VA, as well as Landover, MD

  • Rigorous, hands-on training in the 1st ever professional movers training facility

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