Expert Tips for Stress-Free Long-Distance Moving

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Expert Tips for Stress-Free Long-Distance Moving

Get Ahead with American Red Ball

Long-distance moving takes know-how. Adjusting to new schools, making friends, and settling into a new home can be overwhelming. Red Ball, with nearly 100 years of experience in the moving business, understands the complexities of moving. We are passionate about providing expert tips for stress-free long-distance moving to save you time and eliminate stress during your move.

Plan Ahead to Avoid Traffic Jams

To prevent getting stuck in traffic during your long-distance move, plan ahead. Spring and summer are peak moving seasons, and movers get booked up quickly. Start acquiring free moving estimates 4-6 months in advance of your moving date to secure a smooth move without traffic hassles.

Protect Your Belongings with Adequate Insurance Coverage

Protect your belongings during transit by confirming adequate insurance coverage with your insurance company before the move. If needed, our team at Red Ball can assist you in acquiring additional insurance coverage, providing peace of mind throughout your journey.

Ensure Your Funiture Fits in Your New Home

Before packing up your household furniture, obtain a floor plan of your new home. Double-check if all your items will fit into the new space and make arrangements to sell or dispose of items that won’t fit. Avoid the headache of dealing with oversized items after your move.

Prioritize Your Health and Well-Being

Ask your current medical providers for recommendations for quality medical professionals in your new town. This allows your new doctor to become aware of your medical history and ensures you know who to contact in case of emergencies.

Be Prepared to Reassemble Furniture

While disassembling furniture and packing belongings is relatively easy, don’t forget about reassembling. Smart movers ensure they have the necessary tools for reassembly, such as a hammer, screwdriver, electric drill, and Allen wrenches. Pack these tools in the last box on the truck for easy access when unpacking.

American Red Ball: Your Trusted Long-Distance Moving Partner

Red Ball specializes in long-distance moving and can make your journey an enjoyable one. With our professional staff and extensive experience, we are here to assist you in every aspect of your move. Contact us today for a free moving quote, and leave the stress of long-distance moving behind.

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